Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Valentine Challenge

I recently took part in a Valentine challenge with some of the members of the Smitten Beads group, they're all wonderfully talented ladies, so I was quite nervous!

We all bought the Valentine pack specially produced for us from Claire of Smitten Beads, completely unaware of its contents and were then tasked with the challenge of producing up to 3 items using as much of the pack as possible (we were also allowed to add to it from our own stash!)

The Valentine pack!
As you can see the pack was full of gorgeous beads and a great colour combo! Straight away I saw some combinations I liked, the only bits I were unsure of were the resin flowers and the dove!

Here's what I made and entered:

I was really pleased with how the bracelets turned out particularly the top one (Red and Green), as it was a slightly different design for me! The necklace lacks a little something - I'm not sure what and I will probably break it down and remake it. I really enjoyed being part of the challenge as it made me think outside of my comfort zone and try different things! I will definitely be taking part in more challenges!

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