Saturday, 1 March 2014

A year....

Wow! it's been over a year since I posted anything here! Ops, so much for trying to post something regularly!

So whats happened in the last year .... well I've attempted to take better pictures of my pieces, attempted to learn new techniques and be a bit more creative! I've bought lots (and lots and lots) of beads, found lots of new artists to buy from (wish I could win the lottery)!!

At the moment I'm intrigued by metal, so have been playing with punches, textures and changing the colour of metals! I've quite enjoyed metalwork and some of the pieces I've managed to create!

This is a brass bangle that I have patina'd with a mixture of salt & vinegar crisps and cider vinegar, left the bangle in the mixture for approx. 16 hours to get this effect!

I attended a 1 day "Silversmithing" workshop in October, which taught the basics of metal work, we made 2 rings one in copper and one in silver.
I'm not keen on the bright copper colour so I patina'd the copper ring in Liver of sulphur to get the aged look - I think it looks much better and shows the punched pattern more!
More recently I've learnt metal etching, this I really enjoyed and will definitely be trying it out more, here's my first piece

To finish off here's a simple necklace I have made featuring a stamped charm I made:

My jewellery can be bought in my Etsy shop: Katz Jewellery or check out my Facebook page to see what I'm up to Katz Jewellery.



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