Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Artisan Components ...

I've been very lucky and have found lots of artisan jewellery component makers through Facebook and Etsy! I love using at least one item in a piece as it gives that item a little bit more soul and love and hopefully shows that I'm not just churning out jewellery to sell!

I thought I would show you some of my favourite pieces that have artisan components and that have sold.

This bracelet started out as a necklace, I wasn't very happy with it so redesigned it and this bracelet was born! It features majority of Czech glass beads but also a lovely bronze shell charm from Lesley of THEAjewellery

I'm a member of The Curious Bead Shop's monthly Curiosity Club, and this bracelet developed from Emerald Isle kit, I love the combination of colours - they work so well together! The button is from Bo Hulley Beads, Teresa makes gorgeous ceramic beads (I seem to have quite a stash of)

These earrings feature gorgeous ceramic birds from the talented Caroline of Blueberribeads, I love the simplicity of the shape of the birds
These earrings sold as soon as I put them on Facebook (quite a proud moment for me) they feature more of Teresa's ceramic drops and some fab Czech glass beads from one of my favourite online bead shops - Smitten Beads

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